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released October 11, 2012



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jANKtUNES Defiance


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Track Name: Piledriver

You're on top of the world and above the law
Untouchable, or so you thought
I'll bring you right back down with this equalizer
A kick to the gut and a piledriver
You equate power to money and politics
But if you want real strength, you'd better hit the gym
Fed from the silver spoon, you're no man of steel
You wanna rule the world? You gotta go through me
Sultan or senator, prince or president
You love to think you're better, better think again
Flesh is flesh, bone is bone
And no title or throne could ever cushion the blow
You make a man a ruler, ego comes with the job
But now you give a man an inch, and he thinks he's a god
You think you're head and shoulders above the rest
But your fall from grace is gonna break your neck/

Leering, staring, pointing your fingers at me,
there's one thing about me that you're still unable to see,
from your soap-box high-horse seat of authority,
I will bring you down to the ground and it will be physically,
you better than me, son? I know you must be kidding,
my fist and your face will make such a sweet collision,
just like wrestlers I used to watch on television,
I'll piledrive your fuckin' ass regardless of your position,
title, degree, badge, or fucking collar,
it's a disguise, an excuse, you're a slave to a worthless dollar,
hands around your neck leave you little air left to holler,
your head's been pretty swelled, but it's about to get a lot smaller,
wave you ledger in my face like I even give a fuck,
won't be my middle fingers but my fists that get thrown up,
you've been high on the hog, but you're about to be shit out of luck,
when I break you down to your component pieces, you fucking punk!
Track Name: Death Do Us Part
Death Do Us Part

There's been something wrong for quite some time
We've been ignoring the warning signs
A constant tension with no amends
The best of lovers, but the worst of friends
Never meant
Patience spent
Spend our lives
Living lies

Still so much pain
Wounds healed in vain
Two blackened hearts
Death do us part

Too much invested, so much at stake
To end it all and go separate ways
This house that we built can never burn
We've already passed the point of no return
The silence breaks
And the earth shakes
When our lives collide
The silence died

Live in disgust
From broken trust
our blackened hearts
Death do us part

Mistakes we made
The blows we trade
We point the blame
To hide our shame

My worst mistake
Was to think we'd take
Fucked from the start
Death do us part

Let's stop pretending that it's alright
Let's not provoke another pointless fight
This constant tension, it has to end
All was good once. Can it be again?
Opposing poles
Conflicted souls
Constantly collide
Now inside I've died