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by transmute

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released October 31, 2011

Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics: jACOB gALLMANN
Drums, Backing Vocals: Dan Clay
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Track Name: Armageddon Weather
The earth will survive this, but we may not/ She will survive this, but we may fail to survive ourselves/ I can't believe that we could even take the chance/ to extinguish us all like a flash in the pan of time/ maybe their brains have deterioirated past the point of understanding/ all the information's out there, but no1 is listening/ it rains down upon us like a plague we've caused ourselves/ heat up this whole world 'til it turns from heaven into hell/ maybe it's unclear as the color of the air/ storm clouds on the horizon; Armageddon Weather's near/

Chorus: Funnel cloud, carry us away/ swirl out the smoke and haze that darkens our day/ rain, wash us clean/ of all the clutter and the machines/

There is a balance to all things, and we have tipped the scales/ here is a chance to set them right/ if we hesitate, we fail/ how hard is it to choose/ how long will we ignore/ tell me what will you do/ when the storm's right outside your door and there's nowhere to go/ maybe they can't feel the heat, snug inside with their a.c./ maybe they bought the lies being sold on their t.v.'s/ but everything could change from this, and all of us could die/ if we falter in this instance, we extinguish human life/ even if the funnel cloud doesn't carry us away/ the water levels will be raised and drown us all anyway/ and take us home/
Chorus, Chorus
Track Name: ideals die
"up from the ground the next crop of pretty flowers/ spring will come and lust will devour/ bend the weak, conformed to your power/ drain, consume quick before the nectar sours/ i have seen you: desperate/ and yet i know, you haven't hit the bottom yet/ when you wake up, can you taste the death in your lungs/ inhale, steal the vitality of the young/ have you now begun to believe your own lie/ or are you ready to face up and die/ when i woke up, years ago/ i discovered what you're all about/ now that i'm strong on my own/ i can think for myself/ you can try all you like/ but, the real survives when ideals die/ enforce the law with only fear of consequence/ sell false deliverance for mindless obediance/ robbed of experience, implanted in innocence/ trade in facts for self-serving nonsense/ who wouldn't see through lies so thin/ maybe that's why Sunday school's for children/ why give up the pleasures of this life for heaven/ life's not guranteed, you are fortunate to have 1/ can't you see that this world is our Eden/ if you crave the next life, god speed to it then/ i don't believe that god would punish me for being what i was made to be/ i can't conceive of why you think you know what's real better than me/ and, i would just leave you the hell alone if you would do the same to me./"
Track Name: Malignant
"How does it feel to have it on your inside/ and everything you'd hidden is brought into the light/ so swallow it down, your sugar-coated lie/ the perfect solution to your perfect little life/ feeling very righteous now/ feeling so indignant now/ I'm so fucking full of myself/ won't someone bring me back down to size/
You're a sore on the world, a cancer to society/ what you have become is a human malignancy/ so, swallow it all down/ you're getting so fat/ maybe you wouldn't be so bloated/ if you gave some of it back/ feeling very righteous now/ feeling so indignant now/ I'm so fucking full of myself/ won't someone bring me back down to size/."
Track Name: SOL
"Great ball of light in the sky, I see you very time I walk outside
Great ball of light in the sky, I see you even when I close my eyes."
Track Name: LUNA
"Reflecting in the night sky, Luna shines away
A smile from a best friend brings back the best part of the day
Oh, sweet satellite, I hate to see you wane
But, I know with patience, I'll see your beauty full again"