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released March 29, 2015

Music, lyrics, vocals - jANKtUNES
Cat growl - Lita



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jANKtUNES Defiance


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Track Name: jANK
I'm trying to be a better person and also a better rapper
But, I've got a problem with loose women
Keep your freak bitch away or I'll tag her
Shit, I'll probably grab her and scream in her face that I got more swagger than all them Rolling Stones, especially that lip synchin' Limey MicJagger
My best friends are black cats, and mother fuckers wonder why I rap
My shit's got their wigs snapped back like my dick flopped out and slapped their mouths harder than the feelin' that cops in hazmat masks get when they spray tear gas on hippies sittin' on grass
Harder than that motherfucker Mark McGwire can swing bats
Harder than your mom hit the glass dick when she fuckin' relapsed
For me rap ain't about the bling and the flash and the cash
I'd rather kick it with rats and smoke a boat load of grass
I may have flunked French but I'm excellent with math
And, if two and two ain't addin' up I'm takin' that ass back to class
Cuz unschooled hoes is bound to get slapped and fucked up
Unprotected MC's get their throats cut
Earl Sweatshirt says his dick is havin' guts for lunch?
Shit! Kick in the door to the pund and let mine munch on some mutt butts
jANKtUNES, sicker than a gang of McCoy sluts
Packed this track with facts to let you haters know what's up
All you fake MC's ain't ruthless, bitches's clueless
Only takes five fingers to leave shit talkin' mouths toothless
Better step up before it's know you've got more excuses
Than Facebook got pics of duckfaced bitches throwin' deuces
Track Name: Blood Clots
-When I look in the tissue, it's only red - blood clots
My story's the same - protagonist plods through tired plot
The rest is just over descriptive snot -
Which is what I really wish I got when I blew my nose
This hoe's got a pussy so I'll probably fuck it
Two teardrops in a bucket, warm glass of water feeling when we fuck
Yet, she's cryin' wondering why I never bust a nut
Wonder if dudes didn't have dicks, what the fuck would she suck
When she's all out of dope and feenin' for some shit to shoot up,
To shoot up
Go on and fuck them geezers, group rates ya crowd pleaser
Up in the mirror for hours pluckin' at your face with them tweezers
Face frozen like from a stroke or stuck in seizure
Do they get a discount for guessin' your venereal diseases?
I ain't mad at her no more just cuz she profits while she pleases
While I cough up blood and spray it with my sneezes
- Sure as the sharpest blade will rust and ash to ash as dust to dust
They'll always be John's with nuts to bust
And, I'm fresh out of give a fucks
Sure as the sharpest blade will rust
And, cash gets ass, pills crush to dust
They'll always be John's with nuts to bust
And, I'm fresh out of give a fucks
- Cough up black shit, dead red cells, spit mixed with mucus and maybe some platelets
Baby, I don't play this - hookers don't get kissed
You may be a looker, but exchangin' fluids could be dangerous
The shit that you're doin's straight bad for your health
Thinkin' no one notice, like the picture of stealth
But, you be noddin out and droolin' all over yourself
Rakin' in the dollars but amassin' no wealth
Turn tricks for paper, spend the paper on the packs
Bust out the pack 'o Koolaid, break down the soda in the crack
Got nothin' to show, yo, though you coulda saved stacks
Just the inside of your arm turnin' all blue and black
Same color as the shit I hack daily in the toilet
Alternate from freezin to feelin like my blood's boilin
Strep throat sick, and I'm more than annoyed, bitch
That you can't even be trusted with the boy to fuckin' babysit!
Chorus/Hook X3
Track Name: Plasma Swords
After the real Mcs came imposters and lames, imitations, yo straight knock-offs/ threw salt in the game, disgraced the name, these mother fuckers were kitten soft/ but, when a real mother fucker got the game in check, heads turn so fast they mother fuckin break necks/ and a new dynasty is born/
Verse 1-
I'm on a mission that mother fuckers say is suicidal, but when I come through I straight flatline their vitals/ No one on Earth can touch this verse or fuck with this style/ your shit's rehearsed but still weak like a middle school recital/